Summary Profile

Benz Attorneys Ltd. specialise in the areas of international and national trade of goods and services corresponding in German, English, French and Italian.


The main areas of practice are international and national contracts, international commercial arbitration, project business, supply chains and distribution, information technology (IT-Law), third party liability, logistics and transportation (maritime, inland waterways, air, rail, road, multimodal), customs and excise, VAT, banking law (contracts), documentary credits, insurance (marine, carriers, forwarders and third party liability, casualty), competition law (national and EU), insolvency, employment law, corporate law, foreign trade regulations, federal/state administrative and international legal assistance. On tax matters, we work closely with first-rate local tax counsel.


We engage in commercial litigation, administrative proceedings and arbitration. In arbitrations we act as party appointed arbitrators, sole arbitrators, chairman or counsel for a party.


Thanks to our longstanding and continuously maintained contacts to prime corresponding law firms in Europe, the Asian Pacific area, the US and most other countries, we are able to provide legal advice on EU- and foreign matters and to instruct counsel at short notice.


Within the Federation of Switzerland we are admitted to the Swiss Bar and the State (Cantonal) Bars of all Cantons, allowing us to litigate out of Zurich all over the Swiss Territory and before the Tribunal Federal.


The guideline of our law offices in the centre of Zurich is to be professionally  responsive to clients individual demand and needs and to provide our clients with tailor-made, result-oriented, efficient and proactive counselling and litigation.




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